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the victoria secret models don’t even look human??

The Victoria’s Secret models worked their butt off to look like that, so don’t degrade people on their hard work. All the women in this post are beautiful.


Literally shut up

It is literally the Victoria Secret model’s job to look like that and it is a full time job. Every single woman pictured here is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t be an asshole.

but i think it also needs to be said that the victoria’s secret ad shows no diversity in body type. while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of the ladies pictured, the fact is that there’s no representation for larger women, which is pretty fucking important when the name of your campaign is ‘love your body’. they’re not even acknowledging that any other body type exists, and that’s not okay.

The Dove campaign barely makes it. They barely step outside the norm of what’s considered “beautiful,” and they still brush up their models with photoshop to make their skin and hair glow (don’t forget, we’re selling soap products, here).

The campaigns need a lot of work. But it’s a start, I suppose. And I agree with not putting any hate on the models. They’re just doing their job.

(Source: lestatthewolfkiller)

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