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AT LAST. Lobsterdance Productions official music video for Go, Robo! Go!'s “Pirate Song” is finally online! I directed the miniature effects! Check it out, everyone, and thanks to all of you who helped us create it! If you enjoy it, please share it with all of your friends! If you hate it, be sure to show it to all the people you dislike! Yay!

I had the pleasure of working on this. Please give a watch!





Killerfishfinger has no memory of taking this photograph.

The ‘details’ bit on my phone states this image was taken at 22:51:22  last night (May 26th, 2014) - I am really creeped out because I went to bed about 9:30-10ish last night and can’t remember getting back up! This is the only weird photo on my phone, can anyone help??”

At first this photograph doesn’t seem all that interesting. You see a figure(can’t be the same person taking the picture) and then two really strong lights above him.

It gets a bit more interesting after some editing is done to the pictures. Gama increases and other light alterations.


The figure seems to be facing the camera. The figure also seems to be holding something in his hand. The OP lives alone and thinks this could have been taken from his window. He feels like he was abducted and has no memory of it. Real or not, this is one of my favorite unexplained ufo mysteries.

For those of you saying that it looks like a car, the OP disputed that by posting a pic of his yard in the daytime.


Woah! That’s creepy.

i love creepy shit like this.

….fucking hell.

So I read through a few TF4 spoilers.




Yeah, it’s sounding the same as the last few, almost to a shocking degree. Although, even more shocking, the robots actually get some character development more than yelling incoherent garbage and ripping out robot spines! So that’s exciting!

Does Grimlock talk? I’m only seeing this if Grimlock talks.

Nope. He transforms tho.


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