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The Day I Saw God by MondoBoss on deviantART


 It was the day I walked out of a Chinatown noodle shop after mulling for hours over my cold tea, which was right after having my girlfriend of two years dump me, which was right in the middle of a week where I became aware I was close to being fired from my dead-end job, that I felt it…

So while some people saw the Godzilla trailer and made fan-art, or made gifs, or posted about it all day, or, for some, made ranting videos, went ahead and decided to write a very short story. A story that has absolutely nothing to do with Godzilla! XD

But it was something I felt compelled to write after watching the trailer. I wanted to re-capture the sense of awe and terror I felt watching it. So here ya go!

Re-posting this, as I had it taken down from my deviantArt for a time while I submitted it to a new magazine on a whim. Didn’t get accepted, so I put it back up. Might as well share it again…

Well, as a short-story writer, I don’t think there are any weaknesses to the genre itself. I guess I would say that the difficulty of the form is that one must create an entire world in five to 30 pages, as opposed to 300. There is very little room for fat – you must be economical. And you must begin as close to the end as you possibly can.
ZZ Packer (via writingquotes)

Speaking of spooky, here’s a snippet from an early draft of a new genre-bending short film I’m writing along with Jared P. Foust of Lobsterdance.


Lobsterdance update! Nivis Ex Machina got a great reception when we screened it at GFest last month but, unfortunately, we’ve had to delay the release a bit longer to work on the final sound mix more.  My other short, Alizarin, will finally be entering post-production soon (we kind of distanced ourselves from it for awhile since principle photography had been so taxing).  Also, we’re writing!  Elliot’s toying with a cool new idea that we’re all very interested in working on and Josh and I are hard at work writing the script for our next big kaiju-centric short film, currently codenamed PROJECT WONDERFUL.

What you see here is a short excerpt from one of my favorite scenes from the early drafts we’ve been working on.  We’re still only in the very beginning of development for this project so everything is subject to change but Josh and I wanted to go ahead and share this with you anyway.  I think it’s quite evocative, no?  By the by, if you spoke to me at all at GFest, this is the film I would have described to you as far as, “What’s next?”

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